8 Best Hidden Features of WhatsApp

8 Best Hidden Features of WhatsApp

8 Best Hidden Features of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the mainstream messaging app, and especially popular among Indians. The application has now been around for 10+ years and its company has introduced several new features since its inception. While most of these features are known to public, some escape the public glare, which this blog shall summarize. 

Feature 1: Pin significant chats or groups: 
We all have some individuals whom we interact more frequently than others on WhatsApp. In other words, we message them continually. With significant number of messages showing up, his chat/ media may go un-noticed amongst the noise created by other messages. Keeping this in view, WhatsApp allows its users to pin significant chats or groups on the top, for greater visibility. 

Feature 2: Mark significant messages:
There are times when we need to re-check a particular message, and don’t want to waste time in tracking it down. One can mark significant messages or media documents in a chat by adding a star to it. On iOS and Android, simply tap and hold the message you want to stamp and hit the Star symbol. You can locate these significant messages under the Starred messages area in the WhatsApp settings. 

Feature 3: Add/ Create desktop shortcut:
While you can pin a chat to fix it at the highest point of the WhatsApp screen, you still need to navigate to the application first. However, with this feature, one can swiftly head over to a WhatsApp contact when needed, by creating a desktop shortcut of the contact or group.

Feature 4: Unique Locking Options:
Unique fingerprint ID or Face ID lock has been there on WhatsApp for quite a long time now. Simply head over to Settings on WhatsApp –>Account -->Privacy and then go to Fingerprint Lock. Empower the alternative and tweak it as per your necessities. 

Feature 5: Two-step Verification:
For an extra layer of security, one must enable two-factor validation. One can do this by going to WhatsApp Settings -->Account and then by tapping on “Two-step verification”. Once enabled, whenever you set up WhatsApp on another cell phone, aside from the OTP, the application will likewise expect you to enter the two-advance check code. The application will likewise ask it from time to time to guarantee that you have not overlooked it. 

Feature 6: See whom you chat with the most:
WhatsApp now has an element that permits you to see with whom you chat the most or with which group you share media content the most. One can see this by going to Settings -->Data and storage use -->Storage use. 

Feature 7: Hide WhatsApp group photographs and videos from the gallery: 
WhatsApp has now added the facility to conceal media from the specific group in the gallery. Simply open a WhatsApp group and tap on the group name to navigate to the option. This strategy won't evacuate previously existing WhatsApp pictures in your gallery, but will conceal new incoming media as they arrive. 

Feature 8: Hide a WhatsApp chat: 
Individuals whom you have conversed with lately will show up nearer to the top in your WhatsApp chat list. On the off chance, you may want to hide it and to do so, you can shroud it as "Archive". Simply long-press the discussion and select the Archive button on the top. This specific chat will presently vanish from the rundown. You can reach to it by looking over right to the bottom.