How to Find Facebook Profile from an Image

How to Find Facebook Profile from an Image

How to Find Facebook Profile from an Image:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform worldwide. The number of profiles on Facebook makes finding a particular profile by name akin to finding a needle in the haystack. Therefore, several users resort to Facebook reverse image search i.e., method for finding a Facebook profile with help of a Photo ID, Photo search or Advanced Facebook search feature. The write up explains the process to find photos on Facebook as well as how to find a Facebook profile and related data with help of a picture. 

What is Facebook Image Search?
Facebook image search is a technique to find the profile of Facebook users by using photo ID, reverse Facebook image search, profile search or Facebook search. Social search engines can also be leveraged to find the Facebook profile if you know the target’s name. Similarly, Facebook Advance Search helps narrow down the search. 

Searching Image on Facebook:
The searches on Facebook differs from Google searches algorithmically. While Google crawls and indexes images based on Alt text, Facebook considers the following three parameters for displaying an image for a particular search query. 

  1. It crawls photos based on Facebook account ID 
  2. Privacy settings of users are taken into consideration
  3. Therefore, can display only public photos 

Thus privacy setting of the Facebook user is the most pertinent factor here. Photos with public setting appear on the result, while other may not. For example, if the privacy setting is set to “Friend” or “Friends of friend” then the photos will not be visible to you, unless and until you meet these criteria i.e., you are friend or friend of friend of the particular user. 

In general, to search for images on Facebook, sign into the account and type in the relevant keywords. The Facebook shall show you results based on your search query. You may also search for a specific image by adding the phrase “Photos of ABC” to get more credible and better results. 

Alternatively, you may follow a long tedious and complex process to search for Facebook images and profiles. You can visit the link – and use the options to narrow own the characters to find a specific profile. 

Also, you may use Social Search Engine to find the profiles. Just select Facebook as search parameter and type the name you want to search, to get filtered results. 

How to Find a Facebook Profile With an Image?
Here are methods to find the FB profile of a user based on an image.

Using Reverse Image Search: 
Reverse image search is method to find the source of an image. It helps you to quickly discover similar images from the internet. You just have to upload the images on reverse image search engines and the engine displays similar images from around the internt. 

When you upload an image for “Search by Image” then the result displays all the similar photos along with the source. If the related URL for the image is from Facebook then you can find the user and other information corresponding to the profile. 

There are a number of online reverse image search engines described below. 

Google Reverse Image Search: 
Google reverse image search is the most powerful reverse search engine available today. To conduct a reverse image search:

  • Navigate to
  • Inside the search field towards the right end is a grey camera icon 
  • Tap on the icon. It opens a new search window which provides us two options:
  1. To paste an image URL. Here locating an image within a website is not enough. We need to paste the exact link of the photo. 
  2. Upload an image.  Here we need to upload an image from our device. 

The results then provide exact duplicates or similar looking images on other websites. 

Adding context to a reverse image search field can provide more accurate results. For example, a reverse image search of a photo from Facebook may provide many undesired results, but providing the name will lead to far more accurate information.  

To get more custom results you should change the Search keyword to This will only give you the image search results from Facebook social media, making it easier to find Facebook profile. 

TinEye ( is another reverse image search website. The site tends to focus on exact duplicate images, so the results are usually fewer then Google. Similar to Google reverse image site, we may upload an image from the device or paste the exact link to the photo. 

Today, TinEye provides most accurate information for reverse image searches. It uses neural networks, pattern recognition and machine learning to generate the results. Similarly, to match the images it uses signature matching, water-mark identification, image matching and several other parameters rather than just keywords matching.

TinEye additionally offers API support and browser extensions as well.  

Mobile Applications:
You can also search for Android and iOS apps that specialize in reverse image searches. Some of them may also specialize on Facebook reverse image search. 

Image Search Options Add-on:
After installation, the right click of mouse provides an option “Image Search Option”. This automates reverse image search on:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • TinEye
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Others

Users can also add their own sites, customize existing ones and search multiple sites at the same time.


By using the aforesaid discussed methods, you can conduct Facebook reverse image search to locate the Facebook profile of interest. In case you find some more techniques, do let us know on our mail ID –