How to Monitor New Coin listing on Binance for pure profits?

How to Monitor New Coin listing on Binance for pure profits?

How to Monitor New Coin listing on Binance for pure profits?

Most of the coins after getting listed on Binance crypto-currency exchange, see a drastic change. 

Common Occurrence:
Whenever a coin is about to be listed on Binance, most of the traders buy the same coin from another exchange and then transfer it to Binance for quick profits. Then there are other traders buying low and selling high right through Binance. Therefore, if you are the first one to get updated about the new coin to be listed soon in Binance, the game will be yours. Accordingly, you can buy it and then sell it at your convenience.

Following are some of the methods to get notified about the New Coins listed on Binance:

Method 1: 
There is a section named “New Listing” in Binance, which displays the list of the coins recently added to the exchange. But to know the exact coin, we can’t refresh the page every second. Therefore to overcome this problem, tools like Visual Ping or Change Detection are useful. These notify users about any of the new changes.

After entering the New Listing's URL, Select the content and request the tool to send an email every 5 minutes. If any of the contents are updated, you will get notified. In this way, you can keep yourself updated. 

Method 2: 
One of the simplest and best ways to keep yourself updated is to follow Binance on Twitter. It’s Twitter handle is @Binance. Turn on mobile notifications for this account. Thus it will notify you every time a new coin is listed.

You will also get notified of every tweet it publishes. 

So that’s all. These methods would help you to remain updated about the new coins, and accordingly, you can turn the whole game towards your side.

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How to Use Visual Ping:
To create email alerts for Binance, consider the following steps:

  • Step 3: For the option send notifications “enter your personal mail ID” and from the drop down box choose “1 hour”. Ideally 5 minute option is the best, but the first three options i.e., 5 min, 15 min and 30 min are for paid users. Hence, we are selecting the option of “1 hour”.
  • Step 4: Tap on option “Advanced”, and for option “Alert when” choose the option “Any change”. 
  • Step 5: Click on “Start Monitoring”, confirm the email ID from your email account and you are good to go!