How to Track your Emails?

How to Track your Emails?

How to Track your Emails:

Sometimes we feel, that there should be a property in e-mails, which can inform us whether our sent mail has been opened or not, similar to WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram etc. It’s great to know when important emails have been delivered and read. 

Here’s an excellent tool to check if the mail sent by you has been opened, at what time, and how many times.

Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack:

Add intuitive checkmarks () to your Gmail with free mail tracker in the Chrome web browser. 
 shows that your email has been delivered, but not opened. 
 shows that your email has been delivered and opened.


  • Email Activity: Check-in your mailbox whether mail has been opened.
  • Fast & Lightweight: Seamless integration with Gmail.
  • Simple & Easy: One means email sent. Two shows email has been opened.
  • Free: Unlimited free email tracking forever
  • Reliable: Accurate tracking. Patent-pending technology
  • Privacy and Safety: It is privacy compliant and never shares data with the 3rd parties.
  • Real-time Notifications: When the delivered emails are opened by the receivers, you receive real-time notification pop-ups.

Email Tracking for Reading Receipts: 

  • A proper track of the mails sent.
  • Stop asking anyone if they have read your emails or not.

Who it is For?

  • Businesses, Account Managers, and people with direct client relationships
  • Professionals looking to increase their productivity 
  • Teams, coordinators, project managers, and for internal communications
  • Anyone actively looking for employment
  • Anyone sending emails from Gmail