National Level Cyber Conclave 2.0

National Level Cyber Conclave 2.0

National Level Cyber Conclave 2.0:

Cyber crimes are growing exponentially around the world. The same stands true for India as well. To curb virtual world crime, not only police should remain ahead of criminals in this cat and mouse game but also awareness should pervade all the sections of the society. National level conclave 2.0 is one such step in this direction.  

It ‘s manifold aims include bringing together Law Enforcement Authorities, to share best practices, horizontal transfer of successful initiatives, creating necessary awareness among the masses among several others. 

National Level Conclave 2.0:
The theme of the Conclave is – “Promoting the Reactive – Proactive – Predictive Policing Standards”. The Cyber Policing Best Practices Meet will be organized from October 15th to 17th, 2020 by CRCIDF, ISEA, IJM and Cyber Peace Foundation. 

Thematic Issues:
Advanced Investigative Tools, Techniques and Technologies pertaining to – 

  • Investigative challenges in new age cyber crimes 
  • Recent trends in digital forensics 
  • Handling of anti-forensic challenges 
  • SoPs on acquisition and appreciation of digital evidences 
  • Investigation of cyber frauds and social media crimes 
  • Investigation of VoIP call crimes 
  • CDR-IPCDR-IPDR analysis 
  • Active investigative tech (tracking tracing trapping) 
  • CCPWC – CSAM investigation and monitoring techniques 
  • Investigation on masquerading methods 
  • Advance Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Cyber threat intelligence and tracking of IOCs 
  • Deep and darknet related offences 
  • Crypto-currency related offences 
  • Cyber laws and amendment of IT Act 
  • Data privacy and localization 
  • Government initiatives on combating of cyber crimes 
  • Global best practices on cyber crime investigation and DF

One can register for the Conclave on the following link –

For Non-LEA’s

For OSINT – CTF 2020

Eminent Speakers:
The speakers for the Conclave include eminent personalities form different genre of digital world, including:

  • Smt. Rekha Sharma, Chairperson – National Commission for Women, New Delhi; senior IPS officers of the ranks of ADGP including 
  • Dr. Ravi, ADGP Special Task Force, Tamil Nadu
  • Shri. P. V. Sunil Kumar, IPS, ADGP, CID, Andhra Pradesh 
  • Shri Brijesh Singh, IPS, Special IGP, State training, Maharastra 
  • Smt B. Sumathi, IPS DIG, Women Safety Wing, Telangana 
  • Shri. Ashok Kumar, ITS Director, I4C-MHA, GoI
  • Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Additional Director / Scientists “E” (MeitY)
  • Dr. Charru Malhotra Coordinator (Centre of Governance) IIPM, Delhi 
  • Dr. Varun Kapoor, IPS, ADGP, RAPTC, Madhya Pradesh 
  • Shri. Manoj Abharam, IPS, ADGP, Cyber Dome, Kerala 
  • Shri. Krishna Sastry Pendyala Cyber Security & Forensic Expert, Partner, E&Y
  • Shri. Rakesh Maheshwari Scientist G and Group Coordinator Cyber laws & Security- MeitY 
  • Shri. Rahul Aggarwal Cyber Security Expert, Partner, PwC
  • Shri. Ch. Eeswara Sai Prasad Digital Forensic Expert, Asst. Director, CFSL-Hyderabad 
  • Smt. Ananthalakshmi Ammal R. Senior Director and Head Security Group, CDAC 
  • Shri. Bharani Kumar Aroll President (HYSEA), Chief Advisor & Mentor, SCSC, HCSC
  • Shri, Neeraj Arora, Cyber Advocate, Arbitrator Computer Forensic Expert 
  • Ms. M. N. Nappinai Supreme Court Advocate, founder of Cyber Saathi 
  • Shri. Adv. Samudrala Sushanth Cyber Law Expert and Techno Legal Consultant 
  • Dr. S. Latha, Asst Professor, Dept. of Criminology, University of Madras 

Panel Discussions:
The panel discussions would be held on the following topics – 

  • Investigative challenges in new age cyber crimes and an opportunistic view on the development of indigenous investigative tools and technologies for combating cyber crimes 
  • Trends in cyber attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) - an investigative approach
  • Recent trends in digital forensics 
  • Recent SoPs on acquisition, appreciation of digital evidences and recent tools & technologies for handling of anti forensic challenges 
  • Trends in cyber crimes against women and children – Awareness driven investigation & trails inclusion is a key stroke approach for combating of CSAM and women related online crimes 
  • Investigation of social media crimes on cyber space (special focus on women and children related crimes) 
  • Trends in cyber frauds (from lottery frauds to ransomware attacks & extortion frauds) and the role of bankers, e-wallets and e-shopping sites – an investigative approach 
  • Digital evidence collection & preservation procedures 
  • Importance of live memory forensics and forensic triage methods 
  • VoIP / internet call crimes – Packet monitoring and investigative procedures using CDR-IPCDR-IPDR analysis (live demo)
  • Understanding of deep and darknet related offences and investigation on crypto currency driven crimes 
  • Cyber laws and IPR infringement issues in cyber space (special focus on data, software privacy issues)
  • Understanding of government initiatives on cyber crimes defense mechanisms – Combat and carrier approach 
  • Importance of cyber crime awareness for mitigating the online crimes 
  • Understanding of cyber laws, amendments in IT Act, data privacy and localization, MLAT and LoR in context of Indian based cyber crimes 
  • Understanding of anti-money laundering / combating the financing of terrorism (AML/ CFT) issues  
  • Investigation of video related crimes (CCTV footage enhancement techniques) 
  • How to use OSINT tools and techniques for crime investigation & Cyber surveillance using Avtar management (HUMINT + OSINT + SOCIMINT + SIGINT)
  • OSINT tools and techniques for cyber threat hunting 

This national level conclave dealing with forensics, investigation, intelligence and awareness is first of it’s kind in India. The conference is expected to immensely benefit not only police and LEAs but also common citizen. Therefore, join the conclave to remain safe and sound in the virtual world. 

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