Use of OSINT GHunt Tool

Use of OSINT GHunt Tool

Use of OSINT GHunt Tool:

OSINT refers to collection and analysis of information available publicly, mostly from online sources. GHunt is an OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) tool to extract a plethora of information from any Google account using an email. It allows security teams or individuals to explore data created by Google accounts. 

GHunt lets security experts or individuals to analyze a target account’s Google “footprint” based on just an email. This OSINT tool can extract the account owner’s name and Google ID, other usernames (if any), YouTube channel (if any), and active Google services, including Maps and Photos.

Currently, it can extract the following information from someone’s Google account:

  • Owner's name and Google ID
  • Last time the profile was edited
  • Whether the account is a Hangouts Bot
  • Activated Google services (Photos, Youtube, Hangouts, Maps, News360 etc.)
  • Possible YouTube channels
  • Possible other usernames
  • Public photos (U)
  • Phones models (U)
  • Phones firmwares (U)
  • Installed softwares (U)
  • Google Maps reviews (M)
  • Possible physical location (M)
  • Events from Google Calendar (C)

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The features marked with “U” require the default setting of “Allow the people you share content with to download your photos and videos” on the Google Album Archive of the target, or if the target account has ever used Picasa linked to their Google account.

Those marked with “M” require the target to have Google Maps reviews to be public (by default it is public).

Those marked with “C” requires the user to have Google Calendar set on public (It is closed by default).