Why Should You Care About Cyber Security in India ?

Why Should You Care About Cyber Security in India ?

Why Should You Care About Cyber Security in India ?

Identity Theft Victims: 

According to crime data, identity theft accounts for 77 % of the fraud cases registered in India. Another analysis suggests that, “one in every three Indian will be affected by identity theft at some point in their lives”. 

Unfortunately, for majority of us, it is relatively easy to gather personal information online. However, tools and techniques used by tech savvy persons make it difficult for cyber-criminals to obtain Personally Identifiable Information (PIIs). 

Targeted Subjects:

The nature of many professions make them softer targets or more targeted than others, such as law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, public officials and other members of the government. In our opinion, they should put an extra effort to protect their information online from the malicious elements. 

Parents And Teachers:

In wake of recent incidents like Blue Whale game or Momos challenge targeting children, pedophiles abusing teenage group etc, parents and teachers should learn the techniques to monitor the activities of their children. 

In many families, children know more than their parents about the internet. They may use it to their advantage to hide activities or post inappropriate content online. Thus, parents and teachers can use the tools and techniques of the cyber world to protect their children from various threats – breaking law of the land, pedophiles, stalkers, scammers, physical and sexual abusers etc.  

Courtesy: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/international/india/22-year-old-commits-suicide-after-taking-blue-whale-challenge/

A 22-year old engineer has allegedly committed suicide near Panrutti with the Blue Whale Challenge game suspected to be behind his death. Seshadri ended his life by hanging himself at his house on Tuesday night when his family members were away, the police said.

Police said they seized various books on ghosts and a mobile phone using which he had played the game. They suspect that the man, an employee of a private factory at Mettukuppam in neighbouring Puducherry, could have committed suicide under the influence of the game. 

The online game demands players to complete tasks given by an anonymous controller over 50 days with the final challenge to commit suicide. The game allegedly led to a spate of suicides in India and other countries last year.

Recently, there have been reports of another similar killer game "Momo" surfacing online in some states, including West Bengal and Odisha, cautioning schools and parents to ensure that children don’t fall prey to it.

Privacy Enthusiasts:

Cyber security is also meant for those who care enough about their security and privacy. They already understand the dangers of the virtual world and need no convincing. They understand the risk to reputation, safety of their families, financial risks, physical danger etc. 

Law Enforcement Agencies:

Police officers can use the various techniques of the cyber world, to investigate cases, for social media monitoring, to track law and order situation, to catch malicious elements like drug traffickers, pedophiles etc. 

Wealthy And The Celebrities:

Celebrities and wealthy are the most common targets of stalking, extortion, scams and sometimes even worse. The knowledge of cyber seurity helps remove undesired personal information put into public domain by mistake or otherwise and thus recapture a private, personal life. 

Courtesy: https://www.theweek.co.uk/88099/cyber-attack-targets-instagram-celebrities/

Cyber attack targets Instagram celebrities:
Hackers have gained access to the personal data of celebrities on Instagram by using a "flaw" in its security systems, the BBC reports. The hack has revealed the phone numbers and email addresses of several public figures who use the service, according to the broadcaster. Passwords are not thought to have been stolen in the attack.

It's not known which accounts were affected by the hack, but the Daily Telegraph says "the breach emerged two days after Selena Gomez's Instagram was hacked and nude photos of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were posted to the actress's 125 million followers. "Gomez's account was briefly taken offline. It re-emerged "moments later with the photos removed", the newspaper reports.

Instagram said in a statement to Time: "We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users contact information, specifically email address and phone number, by exploiting a bug in an Instagram API".

The Facebook-owned social media site uses APIs (Application Programming Interface) to "communicate with other apps", says The Verge. It later fixed them to prevent a similar attack from happening again. Instagram has notified its verified account members, who are mostly public figures, about the leak and is urging them to be "cautious" if they receive unrecognised phone calls, text messages or emails.

Regardless of the category you fall into, the sooner you start the process, the greater the benefits will be and faster you will realise the effects. It’s easier to redeem the privacy back if most of the online information was never put in the first place. 

Finally, like any other domain knowledge, how much you benefit depends on creative thinking. After all, the richest person of the world today owes everything to the cyber world. So, if they can, so can you!