Amazon Ad Fraud in India

Amazon Ad Fraud in India

Amazon Ad Fraud in India:

Nowadays, it has become a habit of almost everyone to do online shopping. When you can shop your favorite items from the comfort of your home, what else do you want right? 

Online shopping is very simple. Just click on your favorite item from a trusted website and purchase it. You receive your parcel at your home and you can pay for your parcel either through online transaction pre-delivery, or give cash on delivery.

However, you must make sure that you are shopping from a trusted website, otherwise you will fall prey to some kind of fraud.  

A New Fraud Detected:
A new fraud has come into limelight recently, in which innocents are tricked by cybercriminals who pretend to be from Amazon.

This kind of fraud is enabled by the fact that in India anyone can open a current account in any name. So do not get carried away with an account name having word “Amazon” in it. 

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The Modus Operandi of this cyber fraud is as explained below – 

Cyber-criminals create a WhatsApp business account and open a current account in the name of Amazon India to trick innocent customers. These gullible citizens fall prey to fraudsters when they click on an ad that claims to be from Amazon when they visit it.

As a result they end up paying money online for products that never gets delivered to them. Many people have become victim till date to this fraud. 

Therefore, you should shop only from the official app and opt for COD (Cash On Delivery) wherever possible. We also recommend, maintaining a separate low balance (5k-10k) savings account for online transactions. This is because even if your card credentials gets compromised in a future data breach, your loss would be minimal.