How to Secure Facebook Account 2020

How to Secure Facebook Account 2020

How to Secure Facebook Account 2020:


Contact : Some of us create Facebook account with the help of numbers. If you have done so, you should remove the number and provide a mail ID instead. It’s very easy to find a Facebook profile from a number. Thus, you should de-link the number from the profile, to avoid being profiled. 

Security and Login: 
Navigate to 

Choose friends to contact if you are locked out: Nominating friends helps when you have trouble accessing your own account. For example, when you forget the login credentials and have deleted your mail ID so password recovery is not possible. In such a situation, the OTP sent to the nominated friends, enables regain access to the account. 

So, tap on “Edit” and then tap on “Choose Friends” followed by choosing friends. 

Two-factor Authentication: 

You must enable two-factor authentication to further secure the account. To enable it tap on “Edit” followed by “Get Started”. Then follow on the screen instructions. 

Navigate to§ion=composer&view 

Your Activity: 
Who can see your Future Posts? We can decide who can your posts each time you create a new post. For optimum level of privacy, we recommend “Friends” for this option. 

How People can Find and Contact you:
Who can see your friends list? We recommend “Only me” for highest level of privacy. However, friends or custom are good enough, if you add friends to the account after proper verification of the accounts.  

How People can Find and Contact you:
Who can look you up using the email address you provided? We recommend you the option “Friends” for a greater level of privacy and security. Similarly for the option “Who can look up using the phone number you provided?” we recommend you to choose “Friends” from the drop down box.

Do you Want Search Engines Outside of Facebook to Link to your Profile?
When this settings is on, search engines may link to your profile in their results. When this setting is off, search engines will stop linking to your profile, but this may take some time. Your profile can still be found on Facebook if people search for your name.
We recommend you, not to allow this feature.

Time and Tagging:
Navigate to

We recommend the following values for “optimum” and “strictest” levels of privacy protection. 

Who can Post on your timeline?    
Only me 

Who can See what others Post on your Timeline?    
Friends/ Custom     
Only me

Review Posts that you are Tagged in Before the Posts Appear on your Timeline?    

Review Tags that People Add to your Post Before the Tags Appear on Facebook?    

Other Settings:
Creating a default list of friends that you want to prevent from seeing your whole profile

Editing Privacy for Specific Photo Albums:
Go to your profile and select “Photos.”  From there, click on “Albums.” At the bottom-right of each photo album, you will see an icon that controls who exactly can see that specific album.

Prevent Facebook from Detecting your Face when Your Friends Upload Photos:
If you want your profile to be excluded from Facebook's facial recognition feature, then go to “Timeline and Tagging” Section under “Account Settings.”  Click on Edit next to where it says “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?” Select “No One” for that preference.

Require a Login Code to Access Your Account:
This feature prevents unauthorized access in your Facebook account. For this navigate to “Account Settings” and “Security and Login”. Click on Edit where it says “Authorized logins” to get started. Facebook will send you a confirmation code at the mobile number that is associated with your account. 


Receive Notifications when Your Account is Accessed from a Device or Browser you haven’t used Before:
Facebook has a way of notifying you when your account is accessed from a browser or device that you haven’t used before. You can receive the notifications by e-mail or text messages/ push notification.  This feature can be accessed under “Account Settings” and “Security and login.”  


Block Your Profile from Search Engines:
If you don’t want people to find your Facebook profile by searching for your name on a search engine, then you can control that preference through your privacy settings.

You can do this by going to the “Account Settings” and then selecting “Privacy.”  Go to the section that says “Do you want other search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile?” under “How people can fine and contact you”.  Remove the checkmark where it says "Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile”.

Facebook Do’s:

  • Do check each friend request carefully by visiting their profile. Fake profiles are nothing new on Facebook and if you wish to create a safe Facebook profile make sure to check new friend request carefully.
  • Do use the strictest privacy settings possible. The stricter the privacy, the lesser the probability of account misuse. 
  • If someone is stalking or harassing you on Facebook, immediately report it to Facebook or parents or police. 

Facebook Don’t:

  • After signing up on Facebook don’t leave your profile as it is. It’s always better if you customize your profile with the help of privacy and security settings.
  • Don’t use your wall to announce your schedules, journey and plans. 
  • Don’t use Facebook for ragging and bullying anyone, they are legally punishable.