What are WhatsApp KBC Frauds & How to Prevent in India 2020

What are WhatsApp KBC Frauds & How to Prevent in India 2020

What are WhatsApp KBC Frauds & How to Prevent in India:

WhatsApp is increasingly being used to de-fraud gullible and innocent people. In this Section, we shall discuss their Modus Operandi. 

Modus Operandi:
Step 1: 
The scammer first sends an attractive WhatsApp message. In some cases, the sender’s number starts with the code + 92 i.e, numbers originating from Pakistan. The content of message is generally very enticing, suggesting that the recipient – 

  • Has won a major lottery/ contest/ jackpot
  • Has been selected for a high-profile job  
  • Will be given shares of a Company etc

Step 2: Due to temptation, once a person shows interest, scammer builds trust by sending forged identity proofs, fake certificates, documents etc. 

Step 3: To receive the prize, shares etc., fraudster demands initial payment as  

  • Processing fees 
  • Handling charges  
  • Transportation cost 
  • Paper work 
  • Legal expenses 
  • Income tax deduction 
  • Any other pretext 

Once the victim pays, the scammer vanishes!

To build the trust, the scammer sends fake IDs. At times, even of army men! The IDs are either forged or obtained unlawfully, only to create a feeling of trust to ensure money transfer. 

How to Avoid such Scams?

If a scheme is too good to be true, it probably is. However, if you still want to verify, ask for – 

  • Details of the company such as “Name of the company” / “CIN number”. 
  • Legal documents permitting lottery/ chit/contest / shares transfer etc. 

To Find Company Details:

Step 1: Visit the website “Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India”, by navigating to the link http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/showCheckCompanyName.do
Step 2: Enter the Company’s full name
Step 3: If the company is registered you shall get the following information

  1. LLPIN /CIN /Form INC-1 Ref No
  2. Company/ LLP Name
  3. State
  4. Incorporation Date
  5. Company Name Status

Then navigate to the link: 

And, enter the LLP number to gather further details

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