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How we can check any site/ application is secure for our device??

Normally the apps from Playstore are safe enough to download. They have their own internal teams that check the security of the application. But, never install apps or apk from other sites. Majority of them are meant for nefarious ends. They may use various permission like message to read bank OTPs. Similarly, if you grant the app permission of camera, then they may end up using it for much worse end.

One of the website that i know that helps regarding terms and conditions is -

Regarding, safety of sites you may use the following websites - or or

First of all, for a Site you need to check its prefix
if it is https:// then it is secure
and if it is http:// then it is not that much secure.
here s stands for secure.

Application available on google play store are secure enough and it is strongly recommended that you should never install an application which is not listed on google play store.

It doesn't mean that all the application available on google play store are secure and you can faith them blindly.
Most of the applications gather our personal data and use it on different platforms. Now days data is the primary source of income and asset for any company.
Make sure to secure your personal data while using any application on your device.