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How do we curb internet hacking?

Protect Yourself From Hacking

To curb Internet Hacking, we have to secure our Accounts first. We can secure them by following some ways:-
1. By creating complex passwords using Rhyme, Dates, Special character related to you.
2. By using 2-factor Authentication.
3. Never save/share your passwords in any device.
4. By changing your passwords time to time.

To protect your-self from hacking additionally do the following:

1) Don't let browsers like Chrome to store your passwords. They don't store passwords securely and have vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit.

2) Always check whether a key-logger has been installed in an unknown device.

3) Check whether your account has already been compromised through websites like dehased or have i been pwned.

4) Change password immediately if your account has been compromised.

5) Dont ever use a already compromised password, it can be checked through the website have i been pwned.

6) Never enter login credentials while using free, public Wi-Fi. As using packet sniifer like Wireshark a hacker can harvest your use name credentials.

7) Check the URL of a page carefully to prevent being victims of phishing pages.

8) Dont click on unknown links.