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How to know whether our Whats app account is bugged or not?

Sometimes we feel, me too personally, that my Whatsapp might be bugged. What are all the possible ways to bug a Whats app account and how to be sure that our Whatsapp is not bugged? Thanking in anticipation

Your whatsapp can be loged in by someone by simply scanning a QR-Code on your browser at
this can give access of your whatsapp account to someone.
Now let us discess about the ways by wich you can check weather your whatsapp is logged in some other device too or not
1. Open whatsapp on your phone
2. Tap on three dots on the top right corner.
3. Go to whatsapp web (third option)
4. If your account is logged in any device it will show its name here.
5. You can log it out by simply clicking on logout in front of the name of device.

Now your whatsapp is debugged and secure for further use

To debug your WhatsApp account.. simply reinstall it... As whtsapp will verify your account by sending OTP to ur registered number..
It is secure enough to do so..

What about spy apps like mobile spy? How to find whether such apps have been spying on you?

And some people simply unistall and reinstall the whatsapp, does it help anyway in removing such trackers?