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Mobile lost and SIM lost

Dear Sir, I liked your website very much, I just want to give you a small Sudarshan, which is moving towards the most cybercrime these days, our mobiles and SIMs get lost and so any human being can get this heart.And any person unlocks it very easily and makes our personal data website for viral, I just want to tell you that please tell us a medium through which we can recover or permanently finish our phone and sim. Can do.

You should use Find your phone feature. The blog explains the process as

Using the above process you can lock the phone, display custom message, erase the data remotely, find the phone's location and much more.

You need police help only to report that you have lost the phone to get new SIM with same number. Else you can perform rest functions by using the google's Find My Phone feature.

Hopefully, some police officer will explain even better. Hope it helps.

1.Open google/dashboard on your computer.
2. Login with the gmail ID which you were using in your android mobile phone.
3. This will show you a lot of options, and these all are verymuch helpfull in finding your device.
4. Go to find my device. Here you will find options like current location, previous timeline, lock your device, erase device, ring etc. Use them according to the situation.
5. The last thing you can do is erasing yoir device so as to make sure that your data is safe.

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