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[Official]: Complainant/ Cyber - victim Special

Cyber frauds are increasing exponentially and empirical evidence suggests that more than ½ of the Indians will be affected by cyber crimes at least once in their lifetime. So, this thread is meant for:

1) Sharing particular incidences/ instances of fraud (Please don’t share personal details as it may lead to further victimisation).

2) New initiatives by Government of India to prevent cyber crimes

3) Sharing new Modus-Operandi being used by cyber criminals

4) Cyber awareness material sharing

5) Any other matter relevant to prevent/ curb cyber-crimes

Our team will respond with solutions ASAP. Again, others users are requested to use nested comment feature for better readability.

95489 73062 iss no. Se fraud call krte hai or relative and friends baan kr fraud krte hai

Someone hacked facebook account and posting inappropriate content like sex! Please help asap

I believe is a jobs fraud site. They call you - not sure how they get info on yourself and jobs you'd be interested in, and scam you into paying tons of weird fees to "guarantee" you'll get a particular job. We should try and get payment gateways to be approved/certified to operate in India and ensure they help prevent fraud.