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[Official]: LEA/ Cops / Police / Investigators Special

Cyber world is rapidly changing and LEAs/ Cops / Police/ Investigators must keep pace with the latest changes. This Section is meant for LEAs/ Investigators etc. to discuss:

1) Any procedural issue arising during investigation

2) Relevant case laws

3) Contact details of Nodal officers of different entities etc.

4) Letters to be written to Nodal officers of different entities etc.

5) New Modus Operandi being used by criminals

6) Awareness among public etc

7) Any other matter relevant to LEAs/ Police/ Investigators etc.

The investigators are requested to post their comments/ questions/ suggestions under this thread. Also, other users are requested to use - nested comment feature i.e., comment within comment feature, for better readability and understanding.

we often get Tower location of a mobile phone from the service provider. As a LEA, can we get live location of a mobile phone or dongle from the service provider and how.