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Solution to the Practice question

I guess, I have found solution to the Practice question:

Here the original mail ID is:
Now, xxxx is one of the seven big cats which are tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, snow leopard, mountain lion and cheetah. So, the only 4 letter big cat is lion.

Now, the question says yyy are three consecutive natural numbers whose sum is an even two digit number. So, the possible combinations are only 345, 567 and 789.

Also, the email service provider based in Hanover Germany is tutanota.

So, the possible Twitter handle are lion345tutanota, lion567tutanota and lion789tutanota. On checking the Twitter the only handle found among these was \"lion345tutanota\".

The number posted on that Twitter handle is 4. So, the famous personality is and it\'s Mark Zuckerberg. Hope the answer is correct.

Couldn\'t find the year he created FB account.

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