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Tiktok platform misused in telegram

Tiktok is platform for performing the talents of your own but it is misused by so many people I have doubt it is correct ?
In tiktok the people of getting so many like and so many comments sometime it is shared in telegram and morphing the content and misuse the image or video In last few months the cyber police is getting so many harrassment in tiktok and the people getting so many fraud things also is this right ? Guys Your privacy is in your hands
1 In social media please be share the valuable content
2 Dont misuse the social media like doing illegal activities
3 Do the activities without harrassing others.
Think and do

Tik tik is great example of copyright violation n untrustworthy app ....steal data

And TikTok may also be gathering personal information of its users. So, i have not installed it.