Coronavirus: Sangrur, Punjab Police New Delivery Model “PESA App”

Coronavirus: Sangrur, Punjab Police New Delivery Model “PESA App”

Coronavirus: Sangrur, Punjab Police New Delivery Model “PESA App”:  

Pandemics have afflicted civilizations throughout the human history, with the earliest known outbreak occurring in 430 B.C. during the Peloponnesian War. The latest epidemic, Corona-virus also known as 2019-nCoV, was first spotted in Wuhan, China. 

Indian Situation:
India, after staying relatively unscathed, is finally witnessing the dread setting in. The havoc wrought by the Corona-virus is now palpable everywhere. As per latest stats by authorities, the Corona-virus pandemic has claimed at least 29 lives by March 30th, with confirmed cases rising to 1,071. The state of Maharastra is the worst affected region in the country with 215 positive cases and 8 deaths.  

Lack of Essentials:
To contain the spread of COVID-19, that has killed at least 34,000 people globally, the Indian government has imposed a 21 day countrywide lockdown beginning March 25th.  The lockdown, as per experts, has certainly helped contain the spread of the deadly virus. However, with the passage of time, the households are feeling the heat, particularly due to shortage of essential commodities including flour, pulses, vegetables, medicines, milk, cash etc.  

Sangrur Police New Delivery Model – PESA App:
For lockdown to meet its stated objectives, overwhelming majority of population must remain within their houses, while administration delivers essential commodities at their doorsteps. Keeping this in view, Sangrur, Punjab Police led by IPS Dr. Sandeep Garg, SSP Sangrur, has launched an app named PESA - “Police Emergency Services App”. The app, aims to provide two types of services - emergency and other routine services (like groceries on demand) at the doorstep of the citizens. Emergency services including medical, plumbing, electricity etc are backed by a control room, and 5 numbers that operate 24*7 on war footing. 

The app has already made a flying start, with 1000+ persons benefitting from it on the very first day of its launch. It’s available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded using the link –                                                                                  

Sangrur Police Delivery Model Explained:
The Sangrur police department has tied up with various stakeholders including NGOs, private players like Big Bazar, medical professionals including private health clinics among others. The PESA app offer 40 essential items including soap, pulses, flour, tea, sugar, jaggery, butter, toothpaste and other groceries. The App also facilitates services of veterinary doctors, plumbers, electricians, LPG gas cylinders etc. 

How the App Works?
After downloading the PESA - “Police Emergency Services App”, from the Google Play Store, users need to fill in certain details including Name, Mobile Number and Address. The app then automatically detects the user’s location to facilitate delivery of essentials. 

The Admin dashboard compiles the area/ location wise delivery lists and forwards the same to the delivery persons, to do the needful. The status of delivery can be checked with simple click of a button. 

PESA app additionally provides an option of online pre-payment to address issues of hard cash shortages and shares notifications regarding delivery, changes made in items / quantity. It also connects users directly to suppliers like Big Bazaar, Kariyana associations. 

Success Story:
Since its launch, the app has facilitated urgent medical help to a premature born baby, provided food packets to poor and daily wage earners, resolved 35+ electricity / plumbing / LPG connection issues among several others. All the issues were sorted out swifty in user friendly manner. 

The Sangrur police, under the leadership of its SSP, IPS Dr. Sandeep Garg, has devised a user friendly solution to deliver essentials to needy persons, at their doorsteps. The new delivery model, shall go a long way in ensuring successful lockdown, as citizens need not venture out for essential commodities. The PESA app is likely to be replicated across districts in Punjab and possibly states!