Home Minister's Medal: How IPS Tolani Bagged it

Home Minister's Medal: How IPS Tolani Bagged it

How IPS Tolani Bagged "Union Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Investigation"

On the fateful evening he (IPS Amit Tolani) received a call from an unknown number, an event that was soon to transform his professional life forever. 

The Beginning:
During his preparation and training days, unknown calls were rare but ever since he got his first posing, as part of the SVPNPA (National Police Academy) training module, it had become quite frequent. 

The unknown caller anonymously provided a tip – “A 6 year old girl was being taken to the burial ground. It wasn’t a natural death, and burial was being hastily performed to cover up the truth”. Nothing more he told, and hung up the phone. 

He could've taken it casually as children do die of chronic illness and such unknown, unverified calls are classic signs of fake or even revenge calls. But as a responsible officer, he rushed to the spot immediately.

The problems were manifold. Firstly, the informer had provided very little actionable information - only the name of the village. Even the name of the girl was unknown! The name of the accused, motive of murder, details of perpetuators, family history, relation between the girl and accused, time of murder etc were all to be established. 

To add to the problems, when he reached the village, the whole community declined to provide any information. He was left clueless, even the fate of the girl – whether she has been buried, couldn’t be found.

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Quickly IPS Amit Tolani realized, the only way out was to contact the informer. After much persuasion, and delay the informer finally agreed to meet him. It was then that the events started to unfold like layers of onion. 

IPS Amit Suresh Tolani

The Truth Unfolds:
The informer told that the girl had unusual difficulty in walking, a few days before her death. When he inquired her why she was limping, she alleged that her step-father had inflicted burnt injuries. Also, she showed several injury marks a day before her death.  

As a police officer, Tolani was clear of the next step. The fundamentals that the NPA academy had taught him echoed - Get hold of the body, before the evidence and truth gets buried along. 

He rushed to the burial spot without wasting any time. However, being new to the field, having spent less than 3 months, several thoughts were arising in his mind – What if the girl’s family members object seeing and analyzing the body? What if he forcibly tries and the community stands united opposing him (as generally happens)? What if the burial is already over and the truth is gone forever? What if analyzing the body, hurts the religious sentiments of the locals?

As fortune favors the brave, he managed to reach the place just in time. The procession was going on, and he demanded the family members to analyze the body for signs of burns and violence. With his men guarding, he checked and realized the need for post mortem. 

Soon the news became a sensation in the local media but for him the efforts had just begun. He toiled day and night to ensure that no evidence was left out. He collected the statement of witnesses, grouped together the material evidences, filed the autopsy report, unearthed the motive for the crime etc etc. 

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Then documented them carefully and sequentially in the case diary. In his pursuit for justice to the departed soul, he worked tirelessly, even skipping meals at times. The little girl’s face was right in front of him, which made him toil even harder. 

Feeling of Happiness:
As it normally happens, he was transferred to another district, when he received the pleasant surprise. It was his subordinate who happily informed that the culprits had been convicted. And the conviction wasn’t an ordinary one - it was double capital punishment under the “rarest of the rare” category that too within few months! 

The criminal justice system where it takes years at times to deliver justice, has pronounced the verdict this time within few months! Kudos to the case diary and the evidences, which mentioned every fact in so much detail that the defence lawyer stood no chance. 

That day, the alphabets “IPS” were shining better on his shoulders and he could see the girl’s face. The only difference being the smile on her face. Over the years, millions of lives have been touched upon by the action of policemen. While you were reading this, there might be another IPS officer getting an unknown call! 

Union Home Minister Medal for Excellence in Investigation:
For his untiring efforts and efficiency, he has been conferred the “Union Home Minister  Medal for Excellence in Investigation”. He, IPS Amit Tolani, bagged this prestigious award for investigation done during the third month of his field training! In fact, he was still in his training phase, when he conducted the investigation, resulting in award for excellence in investigation! A feat that normally takes several years to achieve. In fact, not all the officers get this award in their entire lifetime. 

Undoubtedly, you have made the nation and the uniform proud. We wish you a great future!

Amit Suresh Tolani is an IPS officer of 2016 batch, borne in Madhya Pradesh cadre. Currently, posted at Jabalpur, MP.
(The author is Agam Jain, IPS M.P cadre, an influential Quora writer). 

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The incident took place in April this year and the sessions court in Jaora town in the district pronounced the verdict. According to the prosecution, the 42-year-old man was sentenced by Additional Session Judge O P Bohra under sections 376 (A-B) and 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for raping and murdering the girl.

Last year, the Madhya Pradesh assembly passed a bill stipulating the death penalty as maximum punishment to those convicted for raping/gang-raping minors up to the age of 12 years. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 on the convict and awarded him five-year rigorous imprisonment under other sections of the IPC, deputy director (prosecution) S K Jain said.

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