IPS Saidulu Adavath: Thatched Hut to Portals of IPS

IPS Saidulu Adavath: Thatched Hut to Portals of IPS

IPS Saidulu Adavath - Story of perseverance and hard work:

Let’s read the galvanizing story of Saidulu, a son of tribal farm laborers, who chased his dream with strong determination and perseverance and how he made a rugged journey from a thatched hut to the portals of Indian Police Service. One rose from abject poverty to power corridors, conquered manifold obstacles, to secure All India Rank 795 in the country’s toughest – Civil Services Exam, 2016.

Saidulu was born and raised in a poor, illiterate family at a tiny hamlet called Geri thanda of Kodrapol, Miryalaguda. He experienced severe hardships in his childhood. The family often struggled a lot to have three square meals a day. As there was no school in the hamlet, Saidulu had to commute 6 km a day to get his school education at Netaji School, Kondrapol. After completing his 4th class in Kondrapol, he joined Tribal Welfare Residential School, Miryalaguda in 1998 and passed out 10th in 2002 with flying colors.
It was a new tribal welfare residential school, started in a rented house with 4 rooms. The students stayed in the same rooms for 5 years and studied under trees since there were insufficient classrooms. There were only two teachers and one principal. Saidulu remembers, “we mostly studied with friends in groups, which helped each other to master various concepts”.

A stroke of misfortune hit him in IX th standard, when his father died of a sudden cardiac arrest. The untimely and unexpected death of the sole bread winner of the family turned their life upside down. It took a long time for his mother to come out of that trauma and shock. Despite several challenges, his mother toiled hard to make both ends meet and fought a daily battle to raise and educate him and his two sisters. Saidulu says, “he owes to his mother and his two sisters, who left their studies and joined their mother in earning paltry income, as daily wage workers”. In spite of hardships, he didn’t give up on life. Instead, he embraced the challenges that he faced since his father’s death.

Joining in Tribal Welfare Residential School proved to be a turning point in his life, where teachers inspired the students to strive for excellence in life. There he made up his mind up to become an IPS officer.

Saidulu was intelligent and extremely hard-working student. He performed exceptionally well in SSC and Intermediate and secured admission in B.Tech in BITS, Pilani. But he could not join BITS because of financial constraints. However, he never lost his hope and courage. He joined B.Tech in Computer Science in Osmania University, for which he had to take an educational loan. As expected, he successfully completed B.Tech course with distinction.

Later, Saidulu joined Capital IQ, Hyderabad as a software engineer to support his family and married off his two sisters. But his most cherished dream of becoming IPS Officer did not let him sleep. He made his first attempt in 2013, with Telugu literature as his optional subject. He wasn’t successful in his first attempt and all his yarns changed back into cotton.In the second attempt, he gave his cent percent and ended up with IRS service. But the dream of becoming IPS, kept igniting in him. He made the best use of public libraries for his preparation. At last he realized his long cherished dream in his third attempt, and made entry to the prestigious Indian Police Services (IPS). Saidulu’s perseverance and hard work finally paid off.

                                                                           IPS Saidulu Adavath

When the news of his selection to the IPS cadre broke, his mother and two sisters were so overwhelmed that they wept with uncontrolled joy. He says “my mother and sisters are the world’s best family members, who sacrificed their lives for his better future.” This shows his love and gratitude to his mother and sisters.

He completed his 10 months training at the SardarVallabhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad in 2017 and joined the Karnataka state cadre. Saidulu says “when a semi orphan, like me, hailing from a poor tribal family could become an IPS officer. Then, I thought this story should resonate in every poor household. Development of marginalized families is possible only through education. The police service gives us, the power and authority to serve the common man in this country, and I will make earnest efforts to live up to the expectations of a common man.”

Perturbed by the adversities of poverty, he has established “Alumni” Organization, with the help of old school and college friends. Today, the organization has a network of more than 2000 volunteers and offer skill development and career counseling services for the underprivileged students, besides providing financial support to poor students. Whenever he gets free time, he spends time with students studying mostly in government schools in rural areas.

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Saidulu’s life is a message that adversity is like a disgusting and poisonous toad, which legendarily had a precious jewel with healing qualities embedded in its temple. So a man’s real ability or virtue shines all the brighter, when pressed with difficulties. The jewel, Mr. Saidulu discovered is his most cherished dream “IPS”. In the words of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar “for poor and underprivileged communities only weapon to rise to equality is education”. Saidulu’s success story truly reflect that education is the only way for social and economic upward mobility. Education certainly plays an indispensable role in breaking the shackles of poverty and gain self-respect. 

(The contents has been derived from write up of Rajitha K, Junior Lecturer, IIT Gowlidoddi)