IPS Lipi Singh: Raided & Recovered AK-47 and Bombs

IPS Lipi Singh: Raided & Recovered AK-47 and Bombs

Lady Singham – IPS Lipi Singh:

It was just like any other day for her when she received information about money paid for contract killing in her area. As per the information, three people had been given contract to kill by the local politician and present MLA “Anant Singh”.

From the moment the information was received, she felt that the information might have some substance given the past criminal records of the notorious MLA. For years now, he was in close corridors of power and derived huge influence in the area.

Like a true leader, she took the lead, gathered the team, kept weapons and other necessities in the vehicle and drove to the place where allegedly the three-people were halting. On reaching the place, she immediately cordoned it from all the sides, raided the place and successfully arrested them. 

IPS Lipi Singh is towards the left (in the photo)

That was the beginning of the long arduous night. For overwhelming majority of jobs, the work finishes at 6 P.M but for her the work had just begun, and it was already 10 P.M. She interrogated the contract killers for the possible leads. Layers unfolded and the name of the MLA soon surfaced behind the whole conspiracy. It also came to light that the MLA is hiding some of the illegal weapons in his house. 

Quickly she planned the entire operation without delay – “assembled the team and gave them specific tasks”. The concept of “division of work” and centralized command and control was well followed. She also made sure that there was no leakage of information, as many policemen were also linked with the MLA in some way or the other. Any leakage of plan would have proved disastrous for the entire operation. 

She heroically raided the house, which had the reputation of being the most feared house of the region. She needed to be correct as risk involved was huge, there was little scope for mistakes. A failure here would have led to controversies and embarrassment for the police. 

IPS Lipi Singh is towards the left (in the photo)

But, the fortune favored the brave lady officer. Her raiding team discovered a weapon and it was none other than AK 47. Also, two bombs and live cartridges were recovered from the spot. She knew the raid has succeeded, but this was not the time to be complacent. She carefully seized the recovery and prepared the search and seizure memo. 

After searching the rest of the house for potential further recoveries, she along with her team returned to the Police Station. She knew well the next task was to complete the case diary and submit the same in the Court of law. She and her team worked endlessly the whole night and without any hesitation imposed UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act), one of the most draconian and powerful act in India presently. 

The so called most powerful man of the region has to escape for fear of being arrested and later surrended in Delhi Court! She proved that law coupled with integrity is a powerful force to reckon with.  

She, IPS Lipi Singh, is tirelessly working for the betterment of the region, to improve law and order situation, control rogue elements and to bring smiles on the faces of the people. Time and again she is proving that girls are lesser to none and can work in the toughest of the conditions. She has broken several stereotypes and will be continue to! 
Born on the Bihar cadre, she has been front runner ever since we saw her winning gold in LBSNAA, Mussoorie marathon and she is proving it time and again in fields as well.

She has made the service proud and set forth an example for all of us to emulate.
(Lipi Singh, IPS 16 batch, is an IPS officer born on the Bihar cadre). 

Anant Singh has been on the run ever since he was booked under relevant sections of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), following the recovery of an AK-47 rifle, 22 live cartridges, and two bombs from his ancestral house in Mokama.

Lipi Singh, a 2016-batch IPS officer, has recently been in news for her actions against Bihar Independent MLA Anant Singh. Anant Singh has been on the run ever since he was booked under relevant sections of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), following the recovery of an AK-47 rifle, 22 live cartridges, and two bombs from his ancestral house in Mokama.

Till now, IPS officer Lipi Singh was only known as the daughter of Janata Dal (United) leader and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's close friend RCP Singh. RCP Singh is an MP in Rajya Sabha. However, her actions against Anant Kumar have earned her a new title - Lady Singham.

A few days ago, Lipi Singh took strict action against the Mokama MLA and raided his ancestral home. The raid led to the recovery of an AK-47 rifle, 22 live cartridges and two bombs. Following which, a case was registered against him under the relevant sections of the UAPA Act. Anant Singh, however, fled his Patna residence as police reached there to arrest him.

Anant Singh -- nicknamed 'Chhote Sarkar' -- has a long criminal record and was recently summoned to the police headquarters in Patna for giving his voice sample in connection with a bid on the life of a Mokama-based contractor. Lipi Singh has been investigating this case as well.

Controversies surrounded Lipi Singh ever since she became an IPS officer. Lipi Singh was transferred and made ASP in the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) by the Election Commission during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The action against Lipi Singh was taken following the complaint of Anant Singh's wife Neelam Devi who was contesting against JDU's Lallan Singh on a Congress ticket. Lallan Singh had defeated Neelam Devi in the 2019 polls.

As the elections ended, Lipi Singh was again transferred as Barh SDPO. As soon as she was transferred, Lipi Singh launched a tirade against Anant Singh and cornered his associates.

Recently, JDU MP Lallan Singh had given his nod to Lipi Singh to take any action against Anant Singh.

Meanwhile, controversial Bihar MLA Anant Singh, evading arrest in a case under the UAPA released a video and said he will surrender in court in the next three-four days.
In a video message, the independent MLA from Mokama, who has several serious cases pending against him, also said he will interact with journalists on his return from hiding.

"I am not afraid of getting arrested. I have come to see my ailing friend and will surrender in the court in the next three-four days. But first of all, I will go to my flat and interact with journalists," the legislator said in the video clip sent to media houses on Sunday.