The True Leadership Story of IPS Agam Jain

The True Leadership Story of IPS Agam Jain

The true leadership story of IPS Agam Jain:

One fine morning, instead of going for usual morning walk and exercise, IPS Agam Jain thought of channelizing the same energy into something productive for the Police Station. The sentary posted on the main gate of the Police Station, hinted about the poor hygienic condition of the area. Soon this suggestion was to turn into a massive cleaning exercise. 

Juniors were an excited lot as Agam Jain IPS was also to be part of this exercise. The constables sitting on the outside, and those waiting to take bath started pitching in. Gradually, the whole Police Station staff started joined. They brought broom-sticks and the event took off. 

In fact, it was Sunday but as usual not for policemen. Some of them had night duty and haven’t slept since two days. The others had late night “Hanuman Jayanti” bandobast duty. IPS Agam Jain could see their tired eyes, but at the same time enthusiasm in their bodies. It was humongous task but they tried the best. Taking idea from the movie “Lage Raho Munnabhai”, they even cleaned the spits of the tobacco! 

For most of them, the day ahead was going to be full of challenges. There were cases to solve, forms to fill, duties (traffic, bank, checking, bandobast etc) to perform. Still they worked as a team enthusiastically. They cleaned the chocked drains, place of dinning, officer’s rooms and halls and the spit marks. 

In the end, even the Nagar Palika joined them. They had cleaned so much of waste that it filled the whole vehicle they had brought for garbage collection! 

All IPS Agam Jain could see in the end were happy faces, who had volunteered themselves for work on a Sunday morning. Some of them were on the verge of retirement, but they worked with the same zeal as of youths. The workplace seemed better than yesterday.

IPS Agam Jain with his team

This contribution was like a drop in the ocean, but nonetheless extremely significant. The realization of the need for mutual cooperation, little appreciation & acknowledgement for positive work was the biggest take-away. The lesson learnt had probably become more crucial than the work itself undertaken. 

Once this ended, they made another plan. One of the jawan had got selected as Platoon commander. They decided to plant trees in the evening, before he signs off for his new task. They all felt, such positive works must go on! 

(Agam Jain, is an IPS officer of 2016 batch, born on the Madhya Pradesh cadre. Currently, posted at Ratlam, M.P)