Google alert feature

  • July 22, 2019
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The video explains how to search a term of interest automatically on Google, using its Google alerts feature

Google Alerts:
While searching online, sometimes we are unable to find the satisfactory content or maybe we find no content at all. Hence its natural that we will like to be informed automatically, the moment the desired content is posted online. This is because checking Google again and again to find whether the new content has been posted, can be a very exhausting and irritating experience. 

Google Alerts ( is a Google product for such automated searches. It checks whether the desired information has been posted online and informs the user accordingly. 
How To Make Google Alerts? 
While logged in to any of the Google services like Gmail:

  • Navigate to
  • Specify the search term in the search bar 
  • Tap on the drop down menu - “Show option”
  • Now select the following parameters for the most effective searches:
  1. How often: As it happens
  2. Sources: Automatic
  3. Language: (As suitable)
  4. Region: Any region/ India (As suitable)
  5. How many: All results
  6. Deliver to: Mail id

Google Alert saves our time and makes the searches effective as it’s not humanly possible to search the websites 24*7 for the desired information.