How to detect spy cameras

  • July 22, 2019
  • Posted by:Admin
  • Category:Privacy and security

The video explains the process to detect spy cameras and microphones 

Sometimes you may feel being spied upon. In such a situation, you may follow the following procedure to detect spy cameras and microphones:

  • Physical search of the Area: This process involves looking around places that seem different than usual. For example, pictures on the wall, flower bouquet, pen stand etc. 
  • Walk quietly and Listen carefully: Some cameras make a faint click sound as they capture the images. 
  • Close the lights and look for red/green LED lights: Some microphones have “power on” indicator lights. 
  • Switch off the lights and carefully examine all the mirrors with a flashlight: It’s possible to alter the mirrors, in such a way that a camera can see through it. So, carefully examine all the mirrors with a flash-light. 
  • Buy RF signal detector: You may even purchase a Radio Frequency detector and do a sweep of the suspected area. They are small, portable device and are fairly inexpensive. 
  • Use your cell phone: You may place a call on the phone, then wave it around the suspected bugged area. If you are hearing a disturbance in the call, it means an electromagnetic field is interfering with the call and you are probably being spied. 
  • Use Android app “Glint Finder”: It’s a free application which detects spy camera lens and alerts the users by throwing a white light beam.